Civic pride: the new bicycle garage of Amsterdam Centraal Station


Last weekend the new underground - and under water! - bike parking was opened for the public. 7000 places in a shiny, well-lit, spacious and convenient space with a direct entrance to the metro mezzanine. And I’ve already made good use of it this week. It’s beautiful and practical, and is getting lots of attention in the media worldwide. Rightly so.

Under the water (1)

It was a lovely little, with a fitting atmosphere of subtle civic pride. Guided tours, rides with a historic tram and… an old-fashioned Punch & Judy show.


Was lovely to play along with the kids, waking Punch up. And it was for kids so after a while it was time for something new. And now look what do I see in ‘Bicycle dutch’ youtube video at 3’14:

Yep, that’s me and the missus. Dressed in red white and blue to perfectly match up with the theatre… it’s a small world, after all!